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We offer our clients comprehensive and affordable support and maintenance packages. By choosing Protronics for your IT outsourcing needs, you're getting customer service that caters to your specific requirements. Protronics Systems Engineers can be used to supplement your existing IT support staff or take full control of administering and managing your network. You gain a complete support staff at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time personnel. You'll have peace-of-mind knowing that your computer network and IT investments are supported by our Systems Engineers.

ProCare ® - A Comprehensive Support solution, that delivers Peace of Mind

Features of  ProCare ®

  • Remote monitoring, troubleshooting and repair

  • Monitoring of system backups

  • SMART Monitoring (detects hard disc errors)

  • Malware protection

  • Regularly scheduled and monitored malware updates and scans

  • Windows updates

  • Cleanup of hard disk debris (temporary files, etc)

  • Monitoring of computer events, with alerting to proactive engineers

  • Notification to customer of impending failures

  • Repair of minor issues included

  • Proactive management of IT assets

  • Continuous monitoring by a group of IT experts

  • Remote management reduces mean time to repair

  • Comprehensive management related to desktops, servers, networks and email

  • Reporting of IT statistics relating to inventory, availability and performance

  • Enterprise class IT management platform, utilizing industry best practices

  • Predictable monthly billing

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) based

Benefits of ProCare ®

BDR (Backup and Data Recovery) - Making sure your business is protected

Features of BDR

  • All data in backups are encrypted

  • Backups can be copied off-site via internet for safe storage

  • Server virtualization for immediate restoration of service

  • Near real-time backups – as frequent as every 15 minutes

  • Fast, reliable disk to disk (D2D) backup

  • Restoration to offline file system for random access

  • HIPAA and GLBA compliant design

  • Bare-metal restores to different hardware platform

  • A complete solution that is designed to reduce any server down time with the use of a specialized back up and virtual server appliance.

  • Offsite data storage at an affordable cost.

  • Provides a low cost, speedy disaster recovery process.  Extremely fast restoration of service is second only to redundant physical servers.

  • Data is encrypted so it is not accessible to anyone, either locally or at the remote storage facility without the passkey.

  • Eliminates the cost and time of managing on-site tape backup. We monitor and manage the entire process.

  • All costs – frequent on site backups, on site virtual server, remote storage, disaster recovery in the event of disaster and 24x7 management of the entire process – are bundled at a price that is comparable to the overall cost of buying and managing tape backup.

  • Recovery to different hardware is possible, ensuring that data is not lost due to failure of outdated equipment.

Benefits of  BDR

Additional Services at Time & Material Rates

  • Repair of major issues

    • Hardware replacement

    • Data recovery from corruption or loss

    • Treatment of severe malware infections

  • Software deployments

  • Other non-routine repairs


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